Verdion approaches each opportunity with a clear commitment to occupiers, local communities and the environments in which we’re active.

Deep technical expertise, a commitment to greater sustainability and a focus on new thinking permeates every level of our business, from investment decision-making to operational choices.

We thrive on tackling the challenges of forward-looking, responsible regeneration to support sustainable growth.


Our newly-created and repurposed assets stand out for their high levels of green building certification and emphasis on energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and biodiversity.

We commit to upholding these sustainability standards throughout each asset’s lifecycle and we are continually evolving new approaches to optimise our activity and reduce our environmental impact.


Verdion works closely with occupiers, professional teams and local communities. We value these strong relationships.

We are committed to helping businesses in achieving their sustainability goals and ensuring that our real estate operations have a positive social impact. We provide opportunities for local supply chains, workforces and municipalities and we work closely with organisations on the ground so that our support is directed to where it’s needed most.


Focussing on end-to-end governance, adhering to regulatory requirements and upholding high standards underpins our activities.

As an independent, management-owned business, our Executive Board is responsible for establishing our values and priorities. It has a clear focus when it comes to ensuring environmental, social and governance commitments are met and our entire team drives this approach.


Our momentum comes first and foremost from within the business. Creating value though new technology, ideas and approaches means we always look beyond current regulations and best practice towards future needs, advantages and opportunities in this fast-moving sector.

Our experience

Strategic parks

Verdion ExpoPark, Hanover

A strategic park designed to meet occupier demand in a prime e-commerce location with tram links for the workforce and fast motorway access for the movement of goods.
Urban logistics
Strategic parks
United Kingdom

iPort, Doncaster

The UK’s most advanced multimodal hub providing 600,000 sq m of state-of-the art 24/7 distribution space, with an intermodal rail terminal and local wetlands, wildlife, and biodiversity.
Urban logistics

Verdion PremierPark, Ludwigsfelde

A new €100 million park 35 minutes from Central Berlin, this former automotive site is being transformed into a modern, sustainable industrial and distribution hub powered by clean energy.