Kalkhoff, Cloppenburg

Specialist industrial/manufacturing
Product assembly
57,611 sq m

Two successive facilities delivered by Verdion’s winning formula

At Verdion, we pride ourselves on thinking ahead to anticipate our occupiers’ needs. From land to equipment, and finance to infrastructure, we make real estate work harder for their businesses.

In 2015, Kalkhoff (previously Derby Cycle) – the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany in terms of sales, and a leading manufacturer of e-bikes and premium bike brands – needed a new distribution warehouse for its bicycles. We were appointed based on our thoughtful design and went on to build and hand over the 25,381 sq m logistics facility where Kalkhoff now stores around 150,000 bikes for distribution around Europe.

From manufacture to test-drive, all in one place

Then, with our partner, the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), we delivered a second €49 million manufacturing facility on this 63,000 sq m plot adjacent to the first logistics warehouse, with a value of €49 million. Opening its doors in 2022, the unit provides 26,500 sq m of state-of-the-art production and storage facilities, 5,730 sq m of inspiring office and communal accommodation, as well as car – and of course cycle – parking. We targeted DGNB Gold certification on completion of the building.

Specialist production-plant knowledge

The company’s bicycle production line demands highly skilled precision-engineering and craftsmanship, from lacing the spokes of the wheels, to spray-painting, attaching the decals and screwing together the components in the final assembly. We designed the facility jointly with Kalkhoff, drawing on our specialist knowledge of production plants and paint shops. Verdion’s CTO has experience in building many manufacturing plants for the car industry, including paint shop technology, and his input was invaluable in designing the production flow through the building.

Designing for customer experience

Another highlight within the facility will be the new Kalkhoff brand world, where they will showcase new models from Germany's leading e-bike brand at the factory, alongside displays telling the story of the brand. Customers will be able to get advice from Kalkhoff’s experts and take bikes for a trial spin on a dedicated on-site test track.

On completion of the building, our asset management team will continue to work with Kalkhoff to make sure the facility delivers outstanding performance for the business and our investors, for many years to come.

“The global sustainability movement has accelerated green city infrastructure projects. This new project demonstrates our development expertise in complex manufacturing and will help Kalkhoff exploit this opportunity for growth.”

André Banschus, Executive Director, Verdion