Verdion ExpoPark Hanover

110,000 sq m

Unlocking complex city centre sites

Verdion ExpoPark Hanover sits on an established industrial estate south-east of Hanover city centre, at the intersection of the city’s most important north-south and east-west autobahn connections.

Owned and funded by the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), the park is being developed in three stages. The first phase was leased by Verdion to Arvato Bertelsmann and completed in 2017. The second was developed speculatively, completed in 2021 and also leased to Arvato. A third phase is now underway.

Verdion saw the park’s potential from the start. The challenge was to unlock the opportunities the site presented and to maximise its footprint for sustainable new employment space.

Powering the future with sustainable design

One of the zoning conditions stipulated by the municipality was the need for photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building. The first building accommodates 7,824 photovoltaic solar cells on its 42,000 sq m roof, which produce more than 2,760,000 kWh, equal to the average power consumption of 800 households in Hanover.

The second building is being constructed to a highly specified, energy-efficient design aiming for DGNB Gold certification on completion. As well as LED lighting and a highly insulated façade, this second facility will also feature a photovoltaic system on the roof with an output of around 4.4 million kilowatt hours. The third phase will also follow suit.

“This Hanover location is ideal for e-commerce, with tram connections for the local workforce and fast access to the motorway for the efficient movement of goods.”

André Banschus, Executive Director, Verdion