Pan-European reach

Our business was founded in January 2010 by Michael Hughes and is headquartered in London, with offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Our teams have strong local networks and a deep understanding of their markets. They respond quickly and decisively to early opportunities, executing complex transactions with speed and efficiency.

Driven by detail

We see the potential in everything we do. We welcome the complex, the challenging and the technically difficult, and we use our in-house skills to maximise opportunities and add value at every stage.

Regenerating brownfield land, creating urban logistics space, leading-edge e-commerce facilities, temperature-controlled places for sensitive goods, new manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical and other specialised storage needs skill and experience. Applying this technical expertise to every opportunity is a defining feature of our business.

Brownfield first 

In a world where climate, economic and geopolitical concerns are impacting businesses and consumers day-to-day, we take a responsible and sustainable approach to new development.

Verdion is actively undertaking brownfield regeneration, with the technical capability in-house to maximise each location’s potential, masterplanning carefully to optimise new development around both physical and permitting constraints, transport infrastructure and biodiversity. Our team thrives on the complexity of repurposing these more challenging opportunities in an efficient and sensitive way.

“When every element is conceived and delivered correctly, new industrial and logistics buildings can be flexible, adaptable and technically outstanding assets."

Peter Peeters, CTO